Connect Your Community, Increase Safety

Creative Solutions

We design safe, space-appropriate towers that blend into the environment, custom sites that adapt to a variety of landscapes and locations, and solutions that meet the standards of both the surrounding community and interested carriers—so you can effectively satisfy everyone.

How It Works

You let us know what you’re looking to achieve and we’ll manage things from there. We’ll deliver a safe, efficient, and custom solution that fits your municipality’s needs, then develop a comprehensive, proactive strategy that markets your approved locations to our wireless customers.

We have over 60 sustainable partnerships with cities, counties and other districts spanning the Mid-Atlantic and understand the geographical nuances of developing tower design solutions for parks, schools, public safety centers, substations, and government-owned sites.

Community Connectivity

Help your residents and visitors stay connected to the people and places that matter the most.

Public Safety

Ensure emergency equipment canto function and first responders canto reliably communicate.

Recurring Revenue

Generate annual recurring revenue to reinvest in your community and serve residential needs.