Enhance Your Real Estate Profitability

How It Works

Maximize your property’s profitability by working with Milestone Towers. From custom-designed towers to rooftop leasing, we offer solutions that create recurring revenue streams and increase connectivity. Our extensive asset management experience enables us to obtain the best lease terms for your property.


Leveraging the right tools and relationships to get your sites noticed, we market your property to reputable carriers.

Community Engagement

We partner with you to initiate and maintain open, transparent communication with local residents in your community.


When a carrier selects one of your properties, and you approve it for use, we manage all of the project’s components, including design, planning, permitting, zoning and building.


Adhering to safety standards, we manage the operation and maintenance of your tower properties—no surprises from us and no hassle for you.


As carriers sign leases, we continue to market your site and lease any remaining space to maximize the amount of annual revenue you earn.


Milestone collects lease payments from wireless carriers and shares this revenue with property owners. Each tower we build generates approximately $400,000 in income for the property owner over a ten-year period.

Upholding Safety Excellence

At Milestone Towers, we adhere to safety guidelines that far exceed industry standards for communication and transparency. We understand the complexities of radio frequency (RF) and test our towers annually to ensure compliance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines. Check these resources to learn more about RF and wireless safety.

Increase Connectivity and Safety