Connectivity and Safety

Creative Solutions

We create design solutions that blend into the environment, then develop a comprehensive, proactive strategy that markets your approved locations to our wireless customers. With rights to develop towers on over 3,000 municipal properties, wireless carriers trust Milestone to solve the most challenging network problems.

How It Works

After 20 years, Milestone now has partnerships with over 60 cities, counties and other districts between Delaware and Florida, we have experience in a wide range of geographic areas and know how to work with municipalities to develop tower design solutions at parks, schools, public safety centers, substations and other government-owned sites.

Community Connectivity

These solutions help your residents and visitors stay connected to the people and places that matter the most.

Public Safety

Every tower we develop is designed for reliability, allowing emergency equipment to function and first responders to communicate as needed.

Recurring Revenue 

We help generate annual revenue to reinvest in your community, attract businesses and enhance government properties, positioning you to better serve the needs of your current and future citizens.

Increase Connectivity and Safety